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Dikter om vänskap

How I found you

I look upon the moonlight,
And wonder how you lost your fight.
I think about you,
As I always do.
Its hard to believe,
The sorrow I feel.
When I was hit by a robber,
Who stole my brother.

My life came to an halt,
Feels like its all my fault.
All this pain,
There is nothing more to gain.
I strength need to lend,
To make it a quick end.

Suddenly you ascend,
And became my friend.
Little did i know,
How you would make me glow.
A reason to fight,
You gave me that light.

You blessed my soul,
Gave me a goal.
To be at your side,
When you soon become a bride.

I say with all my heart,
That nothing will take us apart!
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18 sep 14 - 00:10
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