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Dikter om vänskap

Peace And Love

I want to know what love is,
Put the gun away,
Lets do this for our mamas,
For every one of us,
No more runnin away,
We got to find a way to heaven,
Above, and lets start huggin,
And to hell with all the money,
The economy,
It dosent buy any love,
Cause buddy tomorrow,
We might suddenly be gone away,
I can happily say that,
Under the sky, under the heavens,
There is but one family,it just so happens that,
People are different,
So please lets all make peace and start live again,
No more war in the streets or war in the middle east,
Pick a friend, hold hands, pray to and god and feast,
Cause its sickening, to be hating and killing each other,
Bathing in blood, making this so wicked, it bothers me,
Instead we should be offering peace to one another,
Cause we are sisters and we are brothers,
Daughters and sons,
Mothers and fathers,
We should be living as one,
Give up your guns,
No more racism,
Or hatred,
Just peace and one love.
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28 dec 13 - 06:05
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