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Dikter om sorg

• Staring Into The Dieing Candle •

A breezing wind sweeps across the room im
sitting in...
Except the whispering wind that strokes my
hair with comfort so long since I felt before,
there was a ghostly silence, almost like
death himself was preasent there...
Encouraging me to do the worst, I refuse
to listen, for in my head spins thousand
words of cruel remorse...
All day long I’m just sitting there, waiting for
my wake-up call...
Hour by hour, passing by without your
sweet, sweet voice, my strength is failing,
oh I wish the world could make some noise!
No friends to talk to or laugh with me, all that
I have is a candle next to me, glowing and
dancing, granting illussions of you, close to
Tired of waiting, craving your love...
About to burst, about to flee this rushing
of paranoid thoughts...
Should I deny all remorse and finally do
the absolute worst?
Then a second breeze sweeps across the
room, bringing darkness with a killing blow.
The candle dies and fades away, no more
dancing and tears starts to fall...
I should feel no more remorse for here
comes the absolute worst!
A grim smile upon his fearsome and bony
skull, the reaper left without a sound...
In an instant I could hear your song, and
the candle, I lit with hopes of love...
We talked about the passing day and how
come I had to wait for so very long...
In time, you fell asleep to the comfort of
my final words, now you’re gone and left is
only the silence once more...
I still remember when we talked for hours
straight, you had all the time in the world I
foolishly thought when you day after day
returned to talk about all such things that
keept you down, and I was there, always
to enlighten the coming day, because my
love for you grew each passing day...
I miss it so, when there was nothing more
importent than to hear my voice and all else
just simply, had to wait...
I can’t help it I wish for more than you know
each day puts me last on the list of very
important things to do...
Am I greedy or just lonely?
The question remains, though I know what
answer awaits...
Now I wait, until the time you sing into my
Meanwhile I just sit here, keep rejecting
the man with a scythe...
keep on starring into the dieing candle...
I fear the day when there is no more
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Kommentarer - (Snittbetyg: 5)
NeMriA - 15 mar 08 - 17:04- Betyg:
ååh va bra!
Knipetimagen - 9 jul 07 - 22:56- Betyg:
Adda mig på msnom du vill:Anna_star_heart@hotmail.com
kanske - 7 jul 07 - 21:57- Betyg:
Jag är riktigt inponerad. Otrolig engelska!
Deppnalle - 7 jul 07 - 16:49
Tackar :)
albertina - 7 jul 07 - 15:15
Att skriva på engelska är inte lätt, inte för mig ialla fall
Du skriver målande och fint, fortsätt så=)

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7 jul 07 - 13:02
(Har blivit läst 668 ggr.)
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