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Dikter om sorg


Remember the time when everything felt so magical
A certain spark above every new event
When all the places gave me feelings I can’t describe
And the ocean felt so alive

In every piece of misery, there was a touch of art
And every painting ever drawn, was a container of a miracle
Everytime I wandered out in the mystery night
I could tell by the sound of the wind, how indescribable I felt

And there was this poem, which blew my mind away
I couldn’t understand, but it made me feel so empty
Suddenly I began to see things so dramatic

Sitting down at the cliffs near the sea
Throwing all my dreams away
Hoping they will aid someone else, to find a brighter day

The sunshine I thought would last eternal
Never shone again, rainy days and darker skies
Feeling grey and down, polluting my pain by memories

And if I could sell my soul, to revive that feeling
One last time, I wouldn’t doubt a second
Because the world had such a shimmer
I can not verbally express, but it’s all replaced
With mental distress

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Sussii - 29 aug 08 - 13:31
tack så mycket <3=)
help - 28 aug 08 - 16:14
tack, för kommentaren! det värmde :D
fastnar för dina dikter :) verkligen!

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22 aug 08 - 19:37
(Har blivit läst 405 ggr.)
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